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yokocho [userpic]
[Log] 2008-02-20 9.45pm (approx)
by yokocho (yokocho)
at February 21st, 2008 (11:59 pm)

current mood: distressed

Characters: Yokoyama Yu, Maruyama Ryuhei
Location: Maruyama's apartment
Rating: NC-17/R
Summary: incomplete
Warnings: none yet

Yoko walked tiredly to Maru's, wondering what his friend would do once he told him what had happened. Would he react like Ryo had done and punch him, then throw him out? Would he actually listen to what Yoko had to say? There was really only one way to find out.

Part of himself wondered why he was going to Maru for this, but who else could he turn to? Maru was the most understanding next to Yasu, and Yasu...well. Yoko knew that Yasu had a soft spot for Ohkura and would no doubt be as upset as Ryo, if not more so. Why had he kissed Ohkura, even with the thought that he was slightly tipsy, let alone drunk enough to confuse him for Ryo. Hina was going to be pissed, that was for sure.

Finally Yoko arrived at Maru's and buzzed to be let in.


Posted by: 丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~ (orenjiiranger)
Posted at: March 1st, 2008 03:41 pm (UTC)
Maru Blush

Maru didn't really know what to answer because he didn't know the answer. He had always been watching Yoko, his eyes had been on his senpai since way back when he joined the company, he had admired him and looked up to him and well, now he knew that that feeling must at some point have changed to more. He just didn't know when, but he could clearly feel that right now it was more than just lust he felt towards Yoko, so much more than just that. "I-I don't know when it started.." he looked apologetic at Yoko.

Maru felt empty when Yoko's fingers left him, but he knew he needed not endure the wait for very long, keeping his eyes fixed on Yoko's activities he bit his lower lip and waited silently, trying his best to make his body as relaxed as possible. His breathing turned more heavy when Yoko finally leaned over him and he closed his eyes and tried to calm down. Surprised by Yoko's hard kiss at the same time as Yoko entered him, Maru eyes opened wide and he moaned loud into Yoko's kiss. "Ngh-Aaah! Aaaaah~", he broke their kiss and threw his head backwards into the pillow, his hands found their way to Yoko's back again, letting his short nails run over his skin, pulling him closer and wanting him to slowly pick up the pace as the sensation of Yoko deep inside him felt better and better with each passing thrust.

Posted by: yokocho (yokocho)
Posted at: March 1st, 2008 07:12 pm (UTC)

Yoko was going to ask if he was hurting Maru, but feeling the other man's hands on his back, pulling him closer, made him realise that things were all right and he could speed up a little. Thrusting a little harder, he began kissing Maru's throat and collarbone, nipping a little then kissing the marks he'd made until the redness receded.

Little by little, Yoko increased the pace of his thrusting until he was happy with it; not too fast yet not too slow. He wanted to take his time and enjoy it with Maru, not a hasty fuck into the bed and that was it. Maru meant more to him than that, even if he couldn't quite work out how he felt just then.

Posted by: 丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~ (orenjiiranger)
Posted at: March 1st, 2008 11:48 pm (UTC)
Maru Blush

Maru threw his head from side to side as the pleasure seemed to double when Yoko picked up the pace while kissing and nipping on his collar bone, and his breathing fitted itself into the rhythm of Yoko's thrust.

"Aah~ Kimitaka~" he cried out, wanting to say the others name out loud to make himself understand that this was actually happening. One of his hands went up in Yoko's hair, his fingers running thru it and softly tugging in it.

Moaning and panting Maru pulled Yoko up for more kisses, placing them quick and softly on his lips, "This-" kiss "-feels-" kiss "-so-" kiss "-heavenly!", his words nothing more than faint whispers.

Posted by: yokocho (yokocho)
Posted at: March 2nd, 2008 12:13 am (UTC)

Almost losing his pace at hearing his full name, Yoko kept thrusting, speeding up little by little as the pleasure built up inside of him. This was so incredible, the feelings he felt at the present time, and the pleasure was just so enormous he wanted to share it with Maru.

The younger man's words, punctuated with kisses, made him feel loved, cared for, wanted, and it was such an overwhelming thing for him, even as 'insensitive' as he could be. Slowly he raised himself up a little onto one arm and reached down, stroking Maru in time with his thrusts. The change in angle sent him deeper into Maru than he'd gone before and he nearly lost his mind with the sensations.

"Ryu-chan...." he whispered. Now he could say the words without lying. "I love you..."

Posted by: 丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~ (orenjiiranger)
Posted at: March 2nd, 2008 10:14 pm (UTC)
Maru Blush

Maru threw his head as far back as possible, his eyes wide and mouth open but no sound coming from it. Somehow Yoko had managed to hit Maru's sweet spot at exactly the same time as he had begun stroking him, and the pure feeling of pleasure coming with it went like an electric shock through Maru's body. His hands having to leave Yoko's back and hair, trying to catch hold of something so he wouldn't loose control completely, his fingers found the soft texture of the bedsheets and he grabbed unto it, his fingers digging deep into it.

His body aching with pleasure he was sure that if Yoko kept on with what he did now, he wouldn't be far from his peak. His lips trembling as he tried to tell Yoko how wonderful it felt, the only thing escaping them was a loud moan which had been working its way out for a while now.

Even tho it was only a whisper, Maru heard Yoko's words loud and clear and he tried to focus his eyes on him, his own lips forming the words 'I love you too' on them before his head went back into the pillow, feeling closer than ever.

Posted by: yokocho (yokocho)
Posted at: March 3rd, 2008 07:07 pm (UTC)

Yoko could feel the tightening around him as he hit Maru's sweet spot, making them both moan with the pleasure. He could see Maru's reaction, his hands fisting the sheets beneath them and his head back and moaning loudly. It was like music to his ears, knowing he was doing something right for a change.

He sped up as much as he dared; he was tiring fast and was feeling the build-up of his own pleasure but he wanted Maru to come first. "Come for me, Ryu-chan" he whispered, kissing Maru hard as he thrust, his tongue exploring at will and twining with Maru's as they kissed. As he continued to kiss Maru, his hand stroked harder and faster, though careful not to hurt.

Posted by: 丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~ (orenjiiranger)
Posted at: March 4th, 2008 01:26 am (UTC)
Maru Blush

Maru's mind was a in a lovely state of ecstasy and Yoko's words only added to that feeling, making his head more light and his body tightened even more, his every muscles trembling under the pleasure. He wanted to enjoy this feeling only a couple of minutes more, but he knew it would only be seconds.

With Yoko's tongue in his mouth and the hand on his cock moving quicker Maru could not stop it anymore. Unable to focus on anything other than his own feeling of pleasure, his body gave started twitching and he came, cum hitting his own and Yoko's stomach. "Ngh-Aaaaaah!!!", his lips left Yoko's as he added sound to his pleasure.

Posted by: yokocho (yokocho)
Posted at: March 4th, 2008 01:08 pm (UTC)

The feeling of Maru's climax nearly sent Yoko over the edge as well but he just barely hung on, watching the beautiful sight of his boyfriend as he came. The fact that it was him who had done this made him feel a lot better about himself; he could at least do this right, he felt.

After a few more thrusts, it was his turn to orgasm, a loud cry on his lips as he came, his body shaking with the force of it. He'd really needed this he realised belatedly, kissing Maru clumsily as he shakily withdrew, then moved to lay beside him on the bed to catch his breath.

"Oh God, Ryu-chan..." he gasped, his breathing loud in the room and almost making his ears hurt. They'd have to get cleaned up - they couldn't sleep like this, and Yoko found he was soon hungry after all that activity. Turning to look at Maru, a shy smile on his face, he thanked the younger man.

"Thank you...for everything. I really appreciate it."

Posted by: 丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~ (orenjiiranger)
Posted at: March 5th, 2008 09:57 am (UTC)
Maru Blush

Maru lay panting on the bed and just starred up on the ceiling, feeling how his eyelids were slowly getting heavy, he shook his head a bit to regain his senses. "No need to thank me, silly~" he giggled out and pulled himself up on his elbows and leaned in over Yoko and placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

He could feel that he hadn't regained full control over his body yet, his hands trembling and his legs a bit insecure, but he guessed it was enough to be ale to drag himself to the bathroom to get cleaned up because right now he felt a bit too sticky on his stomach and between his leg for his own liking.

He sat up on the edge of the bed and felt his butt sting a little, but he could live with that as long as he knew Yoko was by his side. "I'm going to go take a shower", he said and smiled back at Yoko, "If you need anything, you should know were things are in my apartment~". He got himself to his feet and headed for the bathroom.

Posted by: yokocho (yokocho)
Posted at: March 5th, 2008 10:11 am (UTC)

"Make sure you save some hot water for me," Yoko grinned, pushing himself up on one arm to watch as Maru disappeared into the bathroom. It would take some getting used to but he was fine with that, he thought as he sat up and began cleaning himself up with some tissues, discarding the used condom carefully then laying back on the bed and closing his eyes.

Yoko must have been more tired than he thought as he found he couldn't open his eyes again and fell asleep waiting for Maru to finish in the shower, knowing Maru would wake him up when it was his turn, just barely awake enough to pull a blanket over himself.

Posted by: 丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~ (orenjiiranger)
Posted at: March 5th, 2008 11:11 am (UTC)
Maru Blush

"Hai hai~" Maru singsonged back at Yoko before he disappeared into the bathroom, closing the door behind him and leaning against its cold surface. Giving out a deep breath and then he started to giggle, his hand quickly moving up in front of his mouth to cover the sound, he could feel himself smiling broadly against his own hand. This was simply too good to be true, they were together, now that Yoko was his boyfriend Maru could wish for nothing more.

He took a steaming hot shower, cleaning himself up as good as he now could, he was soon finished wanting Yoko not to wait too long for him. Dressed in a thin yukata and messing a towel lazily thru his hair he left the bathroom and went back to the bedroom only to find Yoko soundly asleep on his bed. Maru smiled by the sight of the sleeping Yoko, Aww, so cute!, he sat down on his knees beside the bed and leaned in, resting his head on his hands as he studied Yoko's face closely. With a finger he moved Yoko's bangs away from his face and planted a small kiss on his lips whispering "Ne? Kimi-chan, The bath is free~"

Posted by: yokocho (yokocho)
Posted at: March 5th, 2008 06:16 pm (UTC)
Yoko sofa

Yoko groggily opened his eyes; seeing Maru's face up close to his shocked him a little as he wasn't expecting it, but the kiss was more than welcome.

"That's good, since I don't have the money to pay for it," he joked feebly before closing his eyes again and putting his arm around Maru's neck in an attempt to pull him into the bed with him. It didn't quite work that way, as that was as far as he got with his plan before falling back to sleep again. He'd drunk too much at the restaurant and exhausted himself with the fight with Ryo and the love-making with Maru in the aftermath, but it was a nice sort of fatigue. With Maru at his side, he could face anything.

Posted by: 丸山隆平 ~Hero in Orange~ (orenjiiranger)
Posted at: March 6th, 2008 12:17 pm (UTC)
Maru yawn

Maru giggled softly as he felt Yoko arms around him trying to pull him into bed as well but failing. "Mou~" he pouted but not really minding that Yoko fell back to sleep as he could see that the older male had already used some tissues to clean himself up a bit, "but I'm going to throw you into the bath first thing tomorrow!" he whispered softly not to wake him up. He kissed him softly on the cheek and removed his arms around his neck so that it was easier to crawl into the bed.
Not removing his yukata he crawled up into the bed too, joining Yoko under the blanket and snuggled as close to him as he could get, he breathes in the other's smell and let his arm fall over Yoko's broad torso, lying save and calm like this he felt his own eyes getting heavy too and his mind slowly drifting off.

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